11 December, 2021
The ST. Regis, Cairo
600 Seats
50 Speakers

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Who Speaking?

Dr. Nevine Makram Labib
Chair of Computer and Information Systems Department, Faculty of Management Sciences, Sadat Academy
Mr. Ahmed Lasheen
Real Estate Strategist, Founder RE Strategies, Principal GRS MENA, Executive Board Member medicon
Dr. Fouad El Nawawy
Former Minister of Health
Dr. Eslam Anan
CEO - Accsight Lecturer of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology (Faculty of Pharmacy – ASU/F

Event Schedule

11 December, 2021
Time Speaker Subject Details
9:30 AM Introduction
10.00 AM The future of healthcare in new republic
11:15 AM Awarding ceremony
12.30 PM Role of Artificial Intelligence in Management of different medical specialists Speakers Session
1:00 PM Localization of vaccines
1:30 PM Coffee break
2:00 PM Role of Innovation and new techniques in management of dermatology and cosmetology managing by ( Pa
2:30 PM Patient centricity
3.00 PM Healthcare management systems
3:30 PM Egyptian medical association
4.00 PM Compliance business ethics in Pharma industry
4:30 PM Lunch
1.00 PM Workshop about Immunology (Covid 19 from wild to mild)
1.45 PM Workshop about Oncology ( Tumor markers research focus)
2.30 PM Workshop about Internal medicine (Novel insights on oral anticoagulants in clinical practice)
3.15 PM Workshop about Rare diseases (Hemophilia)

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The ST. Regis, Cairo

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