Smart Vision is honored to invite you to attend Egypt Medical Forum 2021 "EMF"on on 11 December at The ST. Regis Hotel , Cairo. Egypt Medical Conference “EMF” 2021” is an annual event organized by Smart Vision, where the conference aims to exchange medical experiences by presenting the latest findings in the mechanism of using modern technology and scientific research developed for various medical specialties and specializations, through advanced lectures delivered by distinguished local and international speakers in their fields of work, in addition to educational scientific sessions that bring together different medical specialties and pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.

The attendance includes the best doctors, medical consultants and staff, hospitals, specialized surgeons, professors of medicine, trainees of doctors, nurses, health professionals, medical students, and professors of medical university education, major pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. We are looking forward to hold a worthwhile advanced educational conference that will benefit according to integrated exhibition of medical products will be held concurrently to merge between medical industry users and the latest advances developed researches available on the market. We look forward to bringing a worthwhile forum for everyone to participate, learn and enjoy.

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